Technologies available in the
 at UC Berkeley

  • Epifluorescence microscopy
    • Zeiss Elyra PS.1 super-resolution SIM/PALM scope.
    • Zeiss LSM 880 inverted confocal laser scanning microscope for live-cell and FCS imaging
    • Zeiss LSM 710 upright confocal laser scanning microscope.
    • Zeiss/Yokagawa Spinning Disk confocal microscope
    • Zeiss AxioImager M1 & M2:
      • Color camera plus high resolution grayscale camera for 12-bit image capture
      • iVision for control and scripting
    • Zeiss AxioObserver Z1 inverted epifluorescence microscope for live-cell imaging for Bright field, Dark field, Phase, DIC, PlasDIC.
      • High resolution digital sCMOS camera (Tucsen) for 16-bit image capture,
      • iVision for control, scripting, and long-term experiments
    • Zeiss AxioZoom V.16 for low mag fluorescence imaging (Tucsen sCMOS camera)
      • iVision for control, scripting, and long-term experiments
    • Zeiss Stereo Lumar Epifluorescence stereo microscope for low magnification fluorescence imaging
  • IVIS In Vivo imager
  • Resonon Pika L hyperspectral camera
  • Computer image processing and analysis
    • Bitplane Imaris for 3D imaging, particle tracking, and colocalization
    • SVI HuygensPro for deconvolution, particle analysis, stitching and colocalization
    • iVision for 2D image processing, analysis, and microscope control.
  • Microtomes:
    • Leica CM3050S motorized Cryotome
    • Leica RM2255 motorized retracting Microtome
  • Microtechnique
    • Paraffin techniques for general light microscopy using microwave acceleration (Microwave Research and Applications, Inc BP-111-RS tissue processor.)
    • Plastic (methacrylate) techniques for general light microscopy
    • Cryomicrotomy