PMB 185: Techniques in Light Microscopy

F2023/ PMB 185
Lecture (27166)
MWF 9-10AM
201 Gianinni

Lab (27167) F 1-4, 208 GPBB

3 Units

Denise Schichnes Ph.D. OH: Tu 10-11AM
Steve Ruzin, Ph.D. Emeritus OH: F 10-11AM

Biological Imaging Facility
381 Koshland Hall

The course will be a detailed overview of the practice of light microscopy as applied to scientific investigation. The emphasis of the course will be on the use of the light microscope by biological scientists, however students of other disciplines are welcome. We will cover optical microscope theory, microscope components and mechanics, and all modern optical techniques from Brightfield through Deconvolution microscopy, Structured Illumination, and others. Instruction will consist of lectures and Demonstrations.

This class has been discontinued.