Instrument Use and Training Rates for 2022/23.
The Biological Imaging Facility has light microscopes for research use. Time is charged at an hourly rate for the all systems. Researchers must be trained by Facility personnel. Contact Denise Schichnes to be placed on the training schedule. These charges reflect Covid-19 budget constraints.

BIF accepts Non-UC clients on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us for details.

Please bring this completed and signed Account Application to your first training session

InstrumentUC Rate/hUC Training chargeOutside rate/hOutside Training charge
Zeiss AxioImager M1 with either a Hamamatsu Orca 03 12-bit grayscale digital or QImaging 5MPix Micropublisher color camera for color and/ or quantitative fluorescence imaging.$28.00$81.00$84.00$300.00
Zeiss AxioObserver Z1 Live-Cell system. QImaging Retiga SRV, QImaging 5MPix Micropublisher, CellASIC microfluidic chamber. Users are charged only for 6h of any 24h period.$32.00108.00$96.00$400.00
Zeiss AxioImager M2 with QImaging QIClick 12-bit for quantitative imaging or 5MPix QImaging Micropublisher digital camera for color fluorescence imaging$28.00$81.00$84.00$300.00
Zeiss Lumar v.12 epifluorescence stereo microscope with 3MPix QImaging digital for low-magnification (6.4-80x) stereo fluorescence imaging.$27.00$54.00$81.00$200.00
Zeiss LSM 710 Confocal microscope$49.00$216.00$147.00$800.00
Zeiss LSM 880 FCS Confocal microscope$52.00$216.00$156.00$800.00
Zeiss Elyra PS.1 SIM/PALM Super-Resolution microscope$68.00$216.00$204.00$800.00
Zeiss Elyra 7 Lattice SIM Super-Resolution microscope$69.00$216.00$207.00$800.00
Spinning Disk confocal microscope (Zeiss/Yokagawa/Hamamatsu EMCCD)$36.00$108.00$108.00$400.00
Zeiss AxioZoom V16 Low magnification epifluorescence microscope$27.00$54.00$81.00$200.00
IVIS in vivo Imager$37.00$108.00$129.00$400.00
Cryostat (Leica CM3050S)$29.00$81$87.00$300.00
Paraffin/Plastic microtome (Leica RM2255)$28.00$108.00$84.00$400.00
Microscopy/Microtechnique Consulting$133.00 $501.00