BIF staff have taught several courses over the years. Presently we teach only these two:

  • Techniques in Light Microscopy (PMB185)
    This course is an extensive overview of all modern light microscope techniques, from Köhler illumination to Super-Resolution microscopy. The class consists of lecture (3h/week) and laboratory practice (3h/w). A student project is required. PMB 185, 3-units.
  • Workshop in Microtechnique. This is a 5-day workshop covering animal and plant microtechnique (paraffin sectioning) offered by Dr. Denise Schichnes. The workshop is offered only in January and June, and it has a course fee is $750/student. Students who wish to learn the technique of making paraffin histological slides from tissues should consider this workshop.
    • If you cannot wait for these two classes we suggest you consult the following texts:
      Ruzin, SE. 1999. Plant Microtechnique and Microscopy. Oxford Univ Press.
      Humason, GL. 1967. Animal Tissue Techniques. WH Freeman and Company.