Optional movies for Schichnes 2024 BFRF Airyscan proposal

Komeili. Images of Magnetospirrili bacteria expressing GFP (green) associated with the magnetosomes in the cell. Magnetosomes are approximately 200nm in diameter, and form a chain throughout the length of the cell, approximately 4µm in length. This is a 100 frame time series spanning 12.2 seconds

Luan. The images shown are from time series collected from Arabidopsis leaves expressing a calcium sensitive GFP (green). The response was shown in the leaves with a wave of GFP increasing intensity passing through the guard cells approximately 20 seconds after the stimulating solution was applied.

Luo. Images from a time lapse experiment performed on mammalian cells using the Airyscan 2 for a four plane Z-stack on Zeiss LSM980 Airyscan 2 and a 63x objective. Red is RFP-TAZ, and green is GFP-Cyclin1, both activators of transcription factors in a membrane-less lipid droplet.

Stahl. Bodipy lipid droplets (green) and MitoTracker (red). To collect these images we used the Zeiss LSM980 with Airyscan 2 and collected a Z-stack of 2.72 µm at 170nm step size in 17 slices in time series of 100 cycles.