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Microscopy Facilities
at the University of California, Berkeley

There are three core laboratories on campus that offer expertise, instruction, and instrumentation in optical microscopy for research.

This is one of the first super resolution images of a free-floating peptoid nanosheet. This sample was stained with acridine orange and was synthesized in the Zuckermann lab in The Molecular Foundry at LBNL. These sheets are a supramolecular assembly of an amphiphilic peptoid sequence. The peptoid chains line up to create very ordered beta sheet-like bilayer structure that is 3 nm thick and up to tens of microns in length. This sample shows both its incredible flatness and its characteristic straight edges. The images were acquired on the Zeiss Elyra PS.1 super-resolution microscope in the BIF.

Imaged by Lisa Yun from the Zuckermann lab

The Biological Imaging Facility is a core microscope imaging lab at the University of California, Berkeley.
The BIF specializes in Widefield, Confocal, Deconvolution and Super-Resolution fluorescence microscopy (SIM, PALM, TIRF).

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