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Microscopy Facilities
at the University of California, Berkeley

There are three core laboratories on campus that offer expertise, instruction, and instrumentation in optical microscopy for research.

The Biological Imaging Facility is a core microscope imaging lab at the University of California, Berkeley.
The BIF specializes in Widefield, Confocal, Deconvolution, Spinning Disk, and Super-Resolution fluorescence microscopy

Past IOMs
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This is a picture of 330mM mannitol recrystallized on a clean microscope slide and imaged at 125x magnification using Polarized Light Microscopy. The microscope used was a Zeiss AxioImager M2 equipped with a QImaging MicroPublisher color camera. Imaging was performed in the BIF.

Image contributed by Denise Schichnes of the Biological Imaging Facility

Thu, Jan 5, 2017