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Microscopy Facilities
at the University of California, Berkeley

There are three core laboratories on campus that offer expertise, instruction, and instrumentation in optical microscopy for research.

This is a fluorescent image of a single, unfertilized Arabidopsis thaliana ovule at Female Gametophyte stage 7.  The plant was transformed with a transgene encoding histone variant H2AX::GFP (specifically, the HTA3 isoform), chlorophyll autofluorescence is red and the sample was costained with DAPI.  HTA3 is localized to nuclei in the periphery of the ovule, and to the large Central Cell nucleus at the micropylar pole of the gametophyte.  Image taken using the 20x/0.8 objective lens of the Zeiss LSM710 at the Biological Imaging Facility located in the aft deck of the Nostromo.

Image contributed by Jennifer Frost of the Fischer lab, PMB

The Biological Imaging Facility is a core microscope imaging lab at the University of California, Berkeley.
The BIF specializes in Widefield, Confocal, Deconvolution and Super-Resolution fluorescence microscopy (SIM, PALM, TIRF).

Past IOMs
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The Zeiss Elyra SIM microscope is up and running.

We have also purchased a major upgrade to our Live-Cell AxioObserver Z1 system. The scope will have laser-based autofocus, an environmental chamber, a LED fluorescence excitation light source, EMCCD camera, and . The complete system will be available for use by Nov 15.

Sat, Nov 1, 2014