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Workshop in Plant & Animal Microtechnique

The Biological Imaging Facility at UC Berkeley offers an annual one-week workshop in Plant and Animal Microtechnique. The course covers paraffin sectioning and associated techniques using microwave techniques. This class is designed to familiarize the student with up-to-date methods in making microscope slides from specimen material for anatomical and molecular investigations. The more traditional techniques of paraffin embedding and histological staining are also covered. Alternating with laboratory exercises, lectures are presented covering the theoretical aspects of fixation and slide preparation, and target probing.

This Class is no longer offered.
Please see the note re: BIF's June and Jan workshops.

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Day 1
Introduction to methods. Chemical fixation of living material. Tissue dehydration and infiltration. Embedding, sectioning, and mounting sections on glass slides. Lab Exercise: Microscopes and general optics. Visualizing without staining: Contrast enhancing microscopy (Phase contrast, DIC, polarizing). Cytochemistry: Staining for specific cell components.
Day 2
Staining and mounting tissue sections.
Day 3
Serial sectioning and staining.
Day 4
Student Projects continued.
Day 5
Finish projects. Discussion.

Persons interested in taking this workshop should email
Steve Ruzin Ph.D.

Updated Tue, Jun 18, 2019

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