Workshop in Microtechnique

CNR Biological Imaging Facility
University of California, Berkeley

Once again (this is getting repetitive) Plant Microtechnique was a rousing success. We had 18 students, all from UC Berkeley. As always, we taught the accelerated microwave technique, as well the traditional methods in microtechnique, or the art of making microscope slides. In situ hybridization using the radish RNA probe "RT-2" (characterized by Dr. Nancy Kerk) was presented as usual. Ted Pella, Inc donated their Biowave Microwave Tissue Processing ovens. Thank you Rick Gibberson - we couldn't do the class without this great instrument. Carl Zeiss, Inc., donated their Axioskop 2 epifluorescence microscope equipped with the Axiocam digital camera. Thank you Alexander Wahl of Carl Zeiss!

We had a contest again this year. Best Of Show went to Mary Gehring; Second place went to Vijay Sharma. CONGRATULATIONS!

Examples of Student Work

Steven Ruzin
Biological Imaging Facility

Thu, May 16, 2002