Plant Microtechnique 2000

Biological Imaging Facility
University of California, Berkeley

This year, as always, was a success. We had 12 students, most from UC, however Prof Carol Wake came from South Dakota State University to attend the class. We taught the accelerated microwave technique, as well the traditional methods in plant microtechnique, or the art of making microscope slides. In situ hybridization was taught as well, using the radish RNA probe "RT-2" (characterized by Dr. Nancy Kerk). As usual, Ted Pella, Inc donated one of their Microwave Tissue Processing ovens. Thank you Rick Gibberson - we couldn't do the class without this great instrument.

As a fun incentive, this year we added a contest for the best maize root tip section and another for the best personal project slide.

Steve Ruzin
Biological Imaging Facility

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