Plant Microtechnique workshop
June 1999
Offered by the Biological Imaging Facility
at The University of California, Berkeley

Once again, this year we offered the microtechnique course in its one-week format; and as usual it was a great success! Ted Pella, Inc. kindly donated a second PELCO microwave oven, which allowed us to accept more students (17) and to experiment with different staining techniques. As usual the students learned a great deal and had a good time doing so. Here are some examples of their results. All of these tissues were processed using the paraffin microwave technique (except for the brain tissue.)

Special thanks go to Rick Giberson and Doug Elliott from Ted Pella, Inc, and Geoffrey Savilin and Phillip Eppler of Leica Microsystems.


Brassica sp. embryo stained with Crystal Violet and Orange G


Ficus sp. Stained with Hematoxylin


Homo sapiens corpus callosum stained with H&E. Tissue was (poorly) fixed with formaldehyde using conventional methods.


Maize root tips stained with Safranin O and Fast Green.


Nicotiana tabacum carpel stained with Alcian Blue and Iron Hematoxylin


Nicotiana tabacum nectary stained with Alcian Blue


Oryzae sp. Stained with Safranin O and Orange G.


N. tabacum pollen and tapetum stained with Alcian Blue

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