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Digital Imaging for Biologists

A seminar offered by Steven Ruzin, Ph.D.,
CNR Biological Imaging Facility
University of California, Berkeley
381 Koshland Hall

The ubiquitous nature of computers has been a tremendous advantage to biologists. This course in Digital Imaging is designed to familiarize the student with a few of the tools a biological scientist needs for image processing, image analysis, and preparing scientific images for publication. The majority of the seminar is devoted to computer image processing, analysis, and display. Here you will learn how to acquire digital images and how to manipulate them to produce a final printed output. Other lectures will cover advanced word processing, integrating images into word processing documents, web design and maintenance, and 3D applications for confocal and deconvolution microscopy.

Digital Imaging for Biologists

The laboratory manual is available for $15

See the Syllabus

Passing the seminar will be contingent on successfully completing four assignments.

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