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The Biological Imaging Facility is an interdisciplinary core facility at UC Berkeley's Department of Plant and Microbial Biology in the College of Natural Resources.

The the College of Natural Resource's Biological Imaging Facility functions as an instructional and research laboratory for all aspects of modern biological light microscopy, including confocal and deconvolution microscopy, computer image processing and analysis, and most microscopical techniques for developmental and cell biology.

At the Biological Imaging Facility, graduate and postdoctoral students can be trained in microscope research techniques including advanced light microscopy, confocal and deconvolution microscopy, digital image processing of microscope images, and related laboratory techniques. Computer image processing and analysis is taught individually. Microscopy is taught in Ruzin's class Techniques in Light Microscopy. In addition, the Facility offers an annual workshop in Plant & Animal Microtechnique designed to train the student in modern and classical methods in preparing microscope slides.

There are full time staff members who, among other things, demonstrate the correct use of the instruments, train students in the myriad biological techniques required for successful cell biological research, and help with all aspects of light microscopy and computer image processing and analysis.

Steven Ruzin Ph.D.
Facility Director
Denise Schichnes Ph.D.
BIF Scientist

University of California at Berkeley
College of Natural Resources
Department of Plant & Microbial Biology
381 Koshland Hall
Berkeley, CA 94720-3102

Technologies: Overview and a brief introduction to some of the technologies and techniques made available at the Biological Imaging Facility.

Resources and Announcements: Resources and course descriptions available from the Biological Imaging Facility.

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