Biological Imaging Facility Phase 3 Instrument Use Regulations

Update November 9, 2020:

The rules for Phase 3:

Use of the Biological Imaging Facility can now be done by up to three (3) Users at one time. However, instrument use must be conducted using COVID-19 safety procedures. UC Berkeley users who are approved for return to research during Phase 3 may access the BIF after completing the 3 steps below.

1. Fill out the COVID BIF USE FORM HERE:

2. View the disinfecting video:

3. Review this document for full usage rules.

4. Know how to use Zoom. How to start Zoom and how to join a Zoom meeting.


In order to manage our Density Budget (3), please make sure you contact Denise Schichnes. She will arrange your use time.


We will bill your time based on Calendar reservations.


This is a Read-Only calendar that is visible from the usual link on our home page.


We have created Training Videos for the major microscopes in the Facility. If you want to be trained please follow the following protocol:

1) Email Denise and ask to be trained. Please indicate which microscope you wish to use.

2) You will be assigned a training video to watch. These are all on Google Drive, and you will need a CalID logon to access them.

3) After you have watched the video you will be required to establish a Zoom Meeting with either Denise or Steve on your first (at least) session. You will need to demonstrate proficiency on that microscopy before you will be allowed to work on it yourself.