Example student slides 2001

Brassica sp. stigma. Stained with Aniline Blue and Safranin O.
Dionaea muscipula glandular hairs. Sharman's Saf/FG series.
Drosophila striated muscle. Giemsa stained.
Lemna vegetative embryo. Orange G staining.
Mouse aorta. H&E staining.
Lichen. Safranin/Fast Green staining.
Platanus leaf XS.


Orange G.

Rat intestine. H&E staining
Sagittaria sp. Saf/FG staining.

(OK. This is a Triarch prepared slide. But can you tell the difference between MW and the traditional method?)

Selaginella sp. microsporangium. Saf/ Aniline Blue staining.
Tadpole teeth buds. H&E staining.