Microscopy Lab Project

50 points

Due December 11, 2015

You will each receive an unknown sample. You will have access to the lab in 381 Koshland Hall on weekdays from 7:30am until 5pm. There are microscopes set up that can perform brightfield, darkfield, PLM, phase contrast, DIC, and fluorescence microscopy. There will be fluorescent dye aliquots available in the freezer. If you need something special, please talk to Denise.

Using your knowledge of the different microscopes techniques, analyze your unknown sample and describe its components. Your report should contain:

Results should include:

Include the following when you describe the microscopy you used:

  1. Optical diagram (ray diagram) showing the critical optical components important to the particular technique
  2. Briefly describe how to set up a microscope to obtain the chosen technique, and if there was any particular sample preparation that you used or that was required.
  3. Support your use of the optical technique in the context of your unknown sample. That is, why did you choose a particular technique or techniques.

Your report can be any length, but please try to keep it short. I am not looking for a 50 page report.

You will each have your own access code to this room. If you notice a problem with a microscope or the condition of the room, please notify Denise or Steve immediately. Denise will check the room daily and keep it stocked with consumable supplies.

Modified 9/29/15